Going Forward, Looking Back

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One act of kindness to a desperate young woman abandoned in the Nevada desert was destined to teach Rand McCullough that life cannot go forward when you won’t stop looking back.

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Callie Nolan is a half-Shoshone orphan, young, alone, frightened, and longing to belong to someone. Rand McCullough is the most notorious outlaw in Nevada, tough, solitary, feared, living only for revenge, and running from more than the law. When they meet, a love is born that transcends all obstacles-neither the demands of the law nor the prejudices of their enemies can thwart their love. But Callie discovers that though the outside world cannot conquer Rand, his inner demons might. She fights to stay with and sustain the one man with whom she feels safe, the one man who can hold her heart.

Rand McCullough lived his life trying to undo the last terrible days of the Civil War because those days had cost him his family. One act of kindness to this desperate young woman abandoned on the Nevada desert was destined to teach him that life cannot go forward when you won’t stop looking back.

Terri Wood Jerkins is a physician with a practice in endocrinology. She is a graduate of David Lipscomb University and the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. She and her husband have three sons and twin daughters. They live on a farm in Tennessee.

Going Forward, Looking Back is her first novel published in 1995 by Northwest Publishing, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah, but may be purchased through the LangMarc web site. Searching for Paul was published by LangMarc in October 2000. In 2001 Jerkins’ third novel was published: On Wings and Prayers: Living With Diabetes One Sugar at a Time. Her novel Strongheart followed.

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Terri Wood Jerkins