The Aztec Adventure

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Let the characters take you with them on their time-traveling mission to a period of Mexico’s colorful history.

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Ben and David are joined by Rhys for their second time-travel adventure. Their fate takes them to Mexico in the 1500s during the time of the Spanish conquerors led by Hernan Cortes. Bartolome de las Casa, a priest who arrived with the Spaniards, intents to inform King Charles V of the injustice being done to the native people of Mexico.

Scarlett RyanAuthor Scarlett Ryan is an Upper School history teacher in San Antonio after retiring from teaching for 27 years in North East San Antonio School District. Her successful time-travel novel Secret of the Viking Dagger was also published by Langmarc. She has had over four hundred short stories published by Harcourt, a textbook and testing company.