Don’t Call Me Shy

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Tools for assisting a shy child to become socially successful.

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“This well written and easy-to-read book gives multiple techniques and step-by-step activities to help parents bring out the social best in their child. I heartily recommend it.”

—Elliot M. Eisenstein, M.D., F.A.A.P., Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital

Don’t Call Me Shy should be mandatory reading for parents of shy children and all teachers in every school district in the country.”

—Judy Vanderweil, School Librarian/Media Specialist.

Are you looking for some tools for assisting a shy child to become a socially successful individual? This eye-opening book on shyness is a treasure for parents of shy children, teachers, and shy adults. Laurie Adelman, a nurse/health educator who grew up as a shy child herself, writes this easy-to-read book. She is raising a child who was once suffering from shyness. Adelman of Wayne, New Jersey takes us into the realistic world of shyness as readers experience the thoughts, emotions, and pressures of a shy person.

Parents and teachers who may consider shy behavior “a stage” from which the shy child will soon emerge on his or her own often shrug off shyness. Adelman presents step-by-step activities to help parents and teachers bring out the social best in their shy child. There is a Skill Builder chapter offering confidence-building techniques that have shy children feeling terrific about how special they are and what they can accomplish. Lesson Plans are included to help teachers in their approach to shy students.

Since the bulk of a child’s socialization skills are developed and tested in school, this book is a must-read, which (as teacher Laura Hoogstrate says) “clearly brings to light the ways in which a teacher’s attitudes about, perceptions of, and responses to shy students can have a make-or-break effect on whether these students can reach their true potential and become both a socially and academically successful individual.”

Don’t Call Me Shy offers parents and educators an understanding of those children who need extra support and encouragement to make their way in a social setting. The author gives us an in-depth look at the behaviors that lead to the SHY label and the negative impact that has on any child’s self esteem.”

—Barbara Zitcer, Director, Early Childhood Sept, YM-YWHA of North New Jersey

“As a therapist, I recommend this book to parents who are concerned about their child’s social anxiety.”

—John DeMarco, M.Ed., LPC, Psychotherapist

“As a first grade teacher and the mother of shy daughters, I wish I had had Don’t Call Me Shy to rely on for valuable guidance and support.”

—Florence Polay, M.S., Elementary Education

Don’t Call Me Shy guides the reader to create a mind-set geared toward social comfort in young children, and includes sample lesson plans for teachers, encouragement for shy adults, recommendations for supplemental reading, and much more. Enthusiastically recommended for anyone responsible for shy or introverted children.”

—Wisconsin Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review, James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

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Laurie Adelman


Preparing Shy Children for a Lifetime of Social Success