About Us

Langmarc Publishing started primarily as a publishing house for church resources and inspirational/motivational books over twenty-five years ago. Langmarc has grown and expanded into some new and exciting areas.

Why buy from Langmarc

Today, Langmarc is the proud home of a number of outstanding novels and non-fiction books produced by more than sixty talented authors. These are men and women who are at the top of their profession, contributing to literary excellence with novels, recovery books, and inspirational books.

Langmarc is pleased with decades of excellence in providing literary entertainment for people of all ages from all walks of life. But most importantly, Langmarc is proud of the “G” label that we can place on all of our novels—novels that families can read together and schools can be proud to have on their shelves.

Open a book and let your life be enhanced. You’ll like it! In 2010, we began adding e-book formats.

About Our Name and Logo

Our logo is inspired by this family-owned and operated business located in Austin, Texas. The name Langmarc is derived from Lois Langemo Qualben’s father’s name. The whale in the logo represents the name of the sea-side farm in Norway where James Qualben’s father was born and raised. Langmarc Publishing began production upon completion of James Qualben’s book Peace in the Parish. For the next ten years, James meticulously edited every Langmarc book that had a theological basis or reference.

Susan Qualben Reue contributes some of our artwork, and Steven Qualben contributes content input and editing.

Langmarc Publishing
PO Box 90488
Austin, Texas 78709-0488
Lois Qualben, President
Information: 512-394-0989
Orders: 1-800-864-1648