Searching for Paul

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A romantic novel about a grieving widow on an irrational search for happiness.

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Have you ever thought about signing an organ donor card? Readers will be inspired to give this issue some consideration when they read Terri Wood Jerkins’ exciting new novel, Searching for Paul.

How does a young Maggie Brophy, who thought she had married for life, reenter the world of the living after her husband Paul dies three years following their marriage? Unable to accept his death, Maggie embarked on an irrational search, thanks to a psychic who told her that if she found the recipients of Paul’s donated organs, she would find happiness. Maggie searched in vain for meaning in her life. A social worker herself, Maggie threads her way through her grief, insecurities, and uncertainties as she strives to sort through her wildly fluctuating feelings. In spite of warnings, common sense rarely comes into play even though she tries to focus on God’s promises.

Maggie’s love of horseback riding finally leads her to a horse farm and the complicated existence of its owner, Jaime McKellar. Little did Maggie know the unexpected twists and turns her life would take after her first miserable meeting with this brusque secretive man.

Author Jerkins is a physician who also possesses a gift for writing. In her novels, her mission is to entertain, educate, and inspire readers. Her third novel, On Wings and Prayers, was published by LangMarc in 2001. Jerkins’ medical practice in Nashville, Tennessee centers on diabetic patients. Jerkins lives with her husband and five children in Franklin, TN where they raise spotted saddle horses.

Searching for Paul is the lovely, heartwarming story of a young wife’s attempt to deal with her beloved husband’s death after only three years of marriage….Maggie encounters unexpected twists and turns in her life after her first miserable meeting with the brusque and secretive man. Searching for Paul is a highly recommended, emotionally rewarding, wonderfully written romance novel of the first order.”

The Midwest Book Review, January, 2001,
“Bethany’s Bookshelf,” Susan Bethany, Reviewer.

“Set in the beautiful Tennessee countryside and filled with the kind of characters a reader can empathize and identify with, Terri Wood Jerkin’s romantic story of two people crippled in more ways than one who overcome their pasts and their mistakes to find lasting love is certain to be a favorite…. Dr. Jerkins has a marvelous touch with characters, giving even her supporting cast more depth than is often found in any genre…. Just as skillfully, Dr. Jerkins reveals the many facets of grief and how people deal with it–some wrapping it around themselves like a protective cocoon, some burying themselves in work or pleasure, some simply denying its existence. Without lapsing into lecture, she reveals the flaws in all such coping mechanisms; and while this novel is not intended as a lesson in how to handle loss, it nevertheless provides valuable insights into what can happen if we choose to cling to the past instead of using it as a launching pad to the future.”

—Elizabeth K. Burton, The Blue Iris Journal, Austin, Texas.

About the author: Terri Wood Jerkins is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of diabetes. She is author is several novels, including Searching for Paul, Going Forward, Looking Back, On Wings and Prayers and Strongheart. Dr. Jerkins lives on a farm in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband and their five children. Her medical practice is located in Nashville.

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