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Story and teaching tool about diabetes.

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Christy Fielding had a rare blood type and was one of many captives held by the Divilbiss family. When an employee gave his life to help Christy escape, she became a fugitive running from an evil Mafia family. She met Gabriel Killian, a former Navy Seal, who knew how to hide and how to seek justice. Together they learn that no threat can overpower those who are following God’s plan for their lives.

Strongheart is a story and a teaching tool. Gabriel is from a family with a high risk for type 2 diabetes. His greatest fear was he might develop the disease. Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic and carries an 80 percent risk of death from heart disease. Diabetes can be delayed or avoided by proper diet and exercise. Complications can be eliminated by aggressively treating the blood sugar elevations and heart disease risk factors. Gabriel has a strong heart and learns to live with diabetes.

Terri Wood Jerkins is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of diabetes. She is the author of two other novels published by LangMarc: Searching for Paul; and On Wings and Prayers. Dr. Jerkins lives on a farm in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband and their five children. Her medical practice is located in Nashville.

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Terri Wood Jerkins


The Power to Control Diabetes