Penny’s From Heaven

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Deeply moving, captivating, and intimate stories about Penny, a golden retriever therapy dog.

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Patsy Swendson, San Antonio, Texas, is author of 49 cookbooks. Now she has written deeply moving, captivating, and intimate stories about Penny, her golden retriever therapy dog. This hardcover book features wonderful illustrations by Aundrea Hernandez.

What Readers are Saying

Penny’s From Heaven is, indeed, a perfect title, as that is exactly what she is. I can’t agree more about the invaluable work that all therapy dogs do. Your stories are wonderful! Please kiss that lovely nose for me.

—Betty White, Actress and Author

“Your soul will be touched…by Penny’s simple tokens of grace.”

—Dan Earl, DVM

“These stories will make you put all of life’s peripheral worries on the back burner. They will make you smile, and they will remind you that no matter the circumstances, we can find hope and joy.”

—Terry Hershey, Motivational Speaker, Hallmark Channel.

“If you have ever seen an animal in a hospital, nursing home, or school, you may have wondered why is this animal here? Penny’s from Heaven is a wonderful and heart-warming documentary on the power of the human-animal bond and its healing power.”

—Mike Lingenfelter, Best selling author, Angel by My Side.

“Did you know some health care providers can “heel and “heal”? Penny can! The stories in Penny’s from Heaven are heartwarming, inspiring, and intimate. They showcase the fact that dogs don’t just make us feel good, they’re good for us. An amazing book, worth giving and getting.”

—Dr. Marty Becker, Resident Veterinarian on ABC-TV’s Good Morning America, Best selling author, The Healing Power of Pets and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the stories, individual and as a collection. The messages were jet fuel for my spirit. I am far more likely to applaud/cheer in response to such events than to cry. It seems you wrote ‘Daily Meditations for the Therapeutic Animal Handler’s Soul.'”

—Kris Butler, Best selling author, Therapy Dogs Today, Their Gifts, Our Obligation and Therapy Dogs: Compassionate Modalities (Book and DVD)

“What a lovely, wonderful book! There is so much quiet wisdom in your book that I found myself underlining passages on almost every page. Just perfect. As a fellow golden retriever fan, and a fellow Pisces (I, too, was born on February 20, as was my good friend and cousin, Gloria Vanderbilt, and from what I know about you from your book, all three of us seem to be the same person!). I thought you might enjoy the book I wrote about our golden, Amy, Golden Days: Memories of a Golden Retriever here enclosed. If this reaches you on your birthday, Happy Birthday to you and Penny!”

—Sincerely, Arthur T. Vanderbilt II

About the Author

Patsy with her two therapy dogsPatsy Swendson is dedicated to Penny’s From Heaven Foundation, which you can read about on her website. She is committed to working with the wounded warriors in San Antonio and elsewhere.

Watch a video dedicated to Penny’s from Heaven PTSD therapy dogs.

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