Bobbing for Apples–With Success

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Every church can benefit from this how-to book.

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“Want to coach a winning parish team? Open the doors to effective ministry through this crisp and clear set of keys for parish leadership.”

—Bishop Reginald Holle, Michigan.

“In the church we often flounder from a lack of leadership and vision. This lay leader lifts up the dilemma of much of today’s church. Both rostered and laypersons will find this book very helpful.”

—Bishop James Bennett, Southwestern Texas Synod.

Carolyn McBride challenges congregations to revamp outmoded structures, set goals for ministry, and train leaders–three subjects often written about in separate books.

“I would suggest a copy for every church office and library, not to mention making it mandatory reading for every committee chairperson.”

—Bobby Johnson, Religion Reviewer, Kerrville Daily Times

Walter F. Johnson, Ph.D., from Michigan, says “The author offers straightforward and practical advice for developing effective ministry. This book should be recommended reading for all congregational members.”

About the Author

Carolyn McBride’s lifelong involvement in church work, her long and varied teaching career, and her super leadership skills endow her with practical insights into church leadership from a layperson’s point of view. A skillful speaker at retreats and conferences, Carolyn communicates material in a clear and concise manner. Carolyn and her husband, Douglas, a retired Lutheran pastor, live in Kerrville, Texas.

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Carolyn McBride


Practical How-To's for Congregational Leaders