Peace in the Parish

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An insightful and helpful resource for any church in conflict.

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This book is valuable for churches that want to do better and/or cope with conflict in radically new biblical ways. In addition to three chapters on Matthew 18’s insights and practical use, Qualben provides clear guidance for getting to the root of congregational problems and for getting back on track for vitality and mission.

“We have found what he seeks to do is soundly biblical, fresh and creative. And, because it is rooted in the Gospel, God brings about results….Every parish could benefit from utilizing Qualben’s approach, whether it is experiencing conflict or not.”

—Dr. David Brown, Bishop (ret.), Iowa.

“As an attorney, I saw how our legal system’s resolution of conflicts inevitably results in the further destruction of relationships between people. As a pastor, I have seen that conflicts in the church are normally dealt with no better than in society. Peace in the Parish teaches us how to live together in peace (shalom), especially in our conflict. As we evangeically and constructively deal with conflict, others should say of Christians, ‘My, how they love one another!’ What Peace in the Parish teaches is practical, putting what we believe to work.”

—Philip Esala, Pastor and Attorney, Dayton, Ohio.

“So much that has been talked about in conflict management has no biblical base but has its roots in psychological thinking. Qualben’s Biblical emphasis is indeed refreshing and renewing and…workable.”

—Dr. Eugene Schmidt, Kansas.

“I live a dual life. I teach, practice and supervise family systems therapy. I also am a parish pastor. Peace in the Parish bridges the two worlds and roots them both in theology and everyday life. I appreciate how Jim Qualben does what Carl Whitaker thought a preacher should do: Bridge the gap between doctrine and life.”

—Pastor David Wurster, Ph.D., New York.

“Biblically based, theologically profound and amazingly insightful…”

—Pastor Theodore Strelow, North Carolina

Qualben originated and directed the Peace in the Parish project. A former university and seminary professor, he also worked with churches and other organizations as a consultant.

“…a ‘must’ reading for anyone charged with a responsibility for leadership in a Christian community.”

—Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

This book should be in every pastor’s personal library and required reading for seminarians of all denominations.

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Dr. James Qualben


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