Complete Guide to Over-Protective Parenting

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Humorous cartoons poke fun at parenting myths.

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You won’t be able to help yourself. Whether child, a parent, or grandparent, you will identify with and thoroughly enjoy David Espurvoa’s narrative and illustrations because we’ve all been there–done that–at least some of that!

David pokes fun at demons from his over-protective past by instructing us in the many sides of obsessive parental care. What is his own mother’s reaction to this book?

“Lies! It’s all lies! Don’t believe any of this! I can’t believe my thankless son would air his dirty laundry this way! Apparently, I didn’t supervise him enough.”

About the Author

David graduated from Southwest Texas University. He was Director of Publishing Services at Texas Lutheran University before he accepted a position in Wisconsin.

Although you may never invite David to speak at your parenting class, you might consider his wife, Starla, who does conduct Parenting Classes. David, however, will speak on art, publishing, and humor.

David illustrated two other LangMarc Publishing books: the delightful and St. Murphy’s Commandments and You Might Be in a Country Church If…, both written by Ron Birk.

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David Espurvoa