Like Abigail

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Sensitive inspirational novel enjoyable for teens and adults.

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• Abigail Who?
• Like Abigail in the Bible?
• Where was her brother?
• Would she ever see him again?
• Was marriage her only escape?
• What was her greatest talent?
• Who was “B”?

This sensitive inspirational novel makes enjoyable reading for teens and adults. Join idealistic teenager Gail as she begins her new life outside an orphanage. A gracious gift with a gentle message for teens and adults.

Phoenix author Barger said, “After reading about Abigail in the Bible, I wondered how a twentieth-century Abigail would handle a character like Nabal.” In this century, Barger thinks money would be a major source of contention between husband and wife. She brings into focus her character Leo’s hypocritical “Christianity.”

Donna Goodrich, Contributor to The Christian Communicator says, “I loved the book…the author gets readers into it right away and makes them want to keep on reading.”

Garnett Wright from Christian Women’s Clubs of Stonecroft in Kansas City says, “Wonderful…I really enjoyed!”

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