When Life Throws You Curves, Keep Swinging

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Coach David Vince encourages those who may be facing difficult or trying times in their lives so that they, too, can overcome adversity with proper attitude, perspective and determination.

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David Vince, a double above-knee amputee since birth, says he chose the road less traveled to pursue a career in athletic coaching. “It was not a path without challenges, obstacles and setbacks, but it has been a path of opportunity, great accomplishment and reward.”

“There have been many supportive individuals along my road less traveled journey that offered encouragement, assistance, guidance and direction to enable me to achieve my dream of becoming a successful baseball coach.

“The purpose of this book is to encourage others who may be facing difficult or trying times in their lives so that they, too, can overcome adversity with proper attitude, perspective and determination.

“If you take away one thing from reading this book, let it be this: You don’t have to be perfect to achieve success, but you do have to be committed.”


  • Introduction
  • 1 Baseball and Bullies
  • 2 Vicarious Victory
  • 3 Committing to Coaching
  • 4 Daring Decisions
  • 5 College Coaching Challenges
  • 6 International Baseball Experiences
  • 7 From the Peak to the Valley
  • 8 Sierra’s Story
  • 9 The Florida Years
  • 10 Life Lessons Through Sports
  • 11 Retirement Reflections

Here are some endorsements of When Life Throws You Curves, Keep Swinging.

“While David has helped develop the careers of a number of players who have gone on to the college and professional ranks, it’s impossible to measure the impact he’s had on the lives of all the kids he’s coached. After playing for him, how could you not be a better person?

—Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay Rays Manager

“…I found David Vince’s book to be inspiring, informative, and a great read.”

—Lou Holtz, ESPN Analyst

”This is an inspirational story about overcoming hardship, living life to the fullest and motivating young men and women to achieve their full potential in baseball and in life. I recommend it for anyone looking to break through life’s obstacles and achieve their full potential.”

—Mike Martin, Head Baseball Coach, Florida State University

“David faces a handicap not many Americans have faced. However, with his optimistic and joyful demeanor, he still reached the top of the ladder. Read this book and be better prepared for what you will face in life.”

—Bobby Bowden, Legendary College Football Coach

”David has a very inspirational book that made me so proud of his tenacity and love for baseball. I hope his story will light a fire for anyone with or without a disability to work hard and earn their dream. Hard work and perseverance will bring success.”

—Johnny Bench, MLB Hall of Fame 1989

Sierra and me with LSU Head Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri
Sierra and me with LSU Head Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri

“This is a truly inspiring story about a man who has defined the meaning of overcoming adversity. As coaches, we are constantly preaching the importance of perseverance and the ability to prevail over enormous challenges. I believe David Vince personifies these imperative messages in his book. This is a wonderful story of a man who saw challenges as opportunities. Along the way he has inspired everyone with whom he has come into contact. A really amazing story about an amazing man!”

—Paul Mainieri, Head Baseball Coach, Louisiana State University

“David Vince has shown courage and perseverance as he overcame the challenges he has faced. We all face difficult situations in life, and through Christ we can do all things.”

—Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers

“David, I applaud you for your wonderful attitude and for what you have done with your life. You are the epitome of not giving up, and your book should be read by anyone who is going through tough times. …I deeply admire you, and you are a ‘blue chipper.’”

—Dave Brown, Retired LSU Head Basketball Coach

“A devout Christian, David relates how he received spiritual strength through the promises of the scriptures, throughout his coaching career, and in the difficulties faced during unexpected times of crisis faced by his family. This book brings a message of hope to victims of birth defects or amputations, as well as to veterans who  have had limbs amputated as a result of a devastating war injury. An amazing inspiration of courage, faith, and fulfillment.”

—Richard R. Blake, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, Bookwatch

“I really enjoyed this inspirational read. The author, having a “disability” himself, very skillfully uplifts, encourages, and shows that life is what you make of it. This book was very well written and easy to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling and needs an inspirational read.”

—Britanny Carrigan, The Cover (and Everything in Between)

“Vince gives God the glory for allowing him such a wonderful career in coaching baseball and living life at the fullest. He does not wallow in self-pity and doesn’t mention his handicap often…Sport coaches will learn his four valuable teaching steps and slogans that include “be the hammer, not the nail,” “do what’s right,” and “hold the rope” along with his mantras of determination, dedication and desire. This book would be well received by new coaches starting their career and wondering what to do next to challenge their team or those unsure of their own capabilities to look to God for direction.”

—Connie Crisalli, BOOK PLEASURES

 “I think this book would be a testimony to others with physical limitations to see that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to despite your limitations. I found that the book was well written and easy to read and follow. David takes you through his life growing up as well, so that you can see what made him the person that he is today. I highly recommend this book if you enjoy inspirational reading and memoirs.”

—Miriam, My Wheels Have Eyes, Little Hocking, Ohio

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