The Leapin’ Deacon

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Biography of a U.S. Command Chaplain who ministered to Sky Soldiers in Vietnam.

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An autobiography of Conrad (“Connie”) Walker as told to J. Walker Winslow, both of San Antonio, Texas. Walker began his ministry in Minnesota, where he joined the MN National Guard as a chaplain. He felt called to active duty and became a chaplain with the 101st and 173rd Airborne. He ministered to sky soldiers in Vietnam and at home and served as a command chaplain in the U.S. and abroad.

Conrad (“Connie”) N. Walker, minister/shepherd, soldier hero, and devoted husband and father, is a legend to the hundreds he has mentored (his “Pups”). He is admired by those who have had the good fortune to know this remarkable man of God. He and his wife Ann live in San Antonio, Texas.

“Connie: Courage, determination, and fearlessness combined with piety, humor, invincible enthusiasm, warm tenderness and loyalty.”

—Chaplain (Ret.) Emil Dinkel

“He is the epitome of a soldier’s chaplain who should have been selected to serve as the Chief of Chaplains of the Army.”

—Major General (Ret.) Gerald H. Bethke

“His testimony and mentorship live on in the lives of those he has influenced as fellow faith ‘Truth Tellers.’”

—Chaplain (Ret.) James Taylor (a “Pup”)

“He was there with his men; his courage moved his men; his strength carried his men; his love sustained his men. He was there with his men where God, in His merciful love, wanted him to be. Such is the call of a combat chaplain.”

—Chaplain (Fr.) Xavier J. Gigliello, Sky Soldier, deceased

“To Connie, it mattered not whether it was General or Private, he is truly ‘The Soldier’s Chaplain.'”

—General John Vessey (Ret.), Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

J. Walker Winslow has been a soldier, actor, singer, public speaker, and sales manager. As a freelance writer, he has had articles or anecdotes appear in The Army Magazine, Splash, and The PGA Tour Partners. He authored a humor column and travel column. His wife Iva continues to reside in San Antonio, Texas following J. Walker’s death.

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Conrad Walker and J. Walker Winslow


The Soldier's Chaplain