Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

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How abuse victims can become whole again and live in peace.

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About the Author

In her third book, Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother, beloved children’s poet Diane Stelling of West Milford, New Jersey, boldly travels down a new path with her autobiographical narrative. Departing from the whimsical style of her first two books, The Giant and the Mouse and One Little Voice, Diane brings a serious message of hope to abuse victims—that although they may feel broken and disconnected, they, too, can become whole again and life in peace.

As an adult survivor of childhood physical/verbal abuse and adult sexual abuse, Diane Stelling struggled with her faith, Christianity, and the Bible for many years. In her book and in her workshops, she would like to share what she learned from her experiences (i.e., what works and what does not) in an effort to help others minister spiritually to abuse victims more effectively.

Praise from Counselors…

“Powerful, thought provoking, and inspiring! This book provides a way for abuse survivors to better recognize the healing gifts God has given through His Word. This book is a must-read for survivors of abuse as well as anyone working with these victims. As a clinician, I found the scripture references and personable writing style particularly helpful in guiding my clients through the healing process….”

—Barbara Porcelli, LCSW, Christian Psychotherapist, Wyckoff, NJ

“This account of Diane’s journey provides wonderful insight into the process of healing, from the perspective of the victim. It has already proven to be a useful tool to those working with people who are struggling with issues related to a painful past. In addition, it is written for the pastors, therapists, and others who often have little or no training or experience understanding the perspective and possible God confusion revealed by some of those who have suffered at the hands of others.”

—Dr. Marlene Magdar, Psy. D., Lake Pleasant, NY

…and from Clergy

“This book is not a doctrinal treatise. It is a powerful and moving story about life and faith. It begins with struggle and despair and ends in victory, hope, and life in Christ—a true demonstration of God’s love, provision, and grace. Diane’s story made me more aware of the depths of the hidden hurts that so many abused people have stored up inside themselves and what I as a pastor can do to help them. This book will be an invaluable resource for me when counseling others in abusive situations.”

—Reverend Andrew D. Nelson, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Ridgewood, NJ

“I have used Diane’s story to help unlock doors for inner city people with emotional and/or mental problems to identify what is going on in their lives. Diane’s journey reveals the best path to healing for those who are truly seeking it. Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother is a tool that can be used very effectively in helping troubled individuals sort out their emotions.”

—Reverend Paul E. Schlett, Hamilton Hill Fellowship (Baptist) Schenectady, NY

Adult Programs

Diane Stelling is available to present her program to a wide variety of adult groups, including

  • Counselors
  • Pastors
  • Conferences/Conventions
  • Church groups
  • Support groups
  • Parenting groups
  • Community groups

Objectives that program participants will learn are:

  • The mind-set of the victim of long-term abuse
  • Understanding victim’s confusion regarding original and actual sin
  • Forgiveness as it relates to abuse and the environment in the church
  • The need for care givers to focus on the innocence of the victim
  • Using specific Scripture passages/stories from the Bible to better equip victims
  • How to create a healing environment within the church

For more information about Diane Stelling and this book, please visit her web site at abusehelpspiritual.com.

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Diane Stelling


Understanding the Spiritual Needs of Abuse Victims