Who’s Listening Anyway?

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For those who want to improve their relationships.

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Who’s Listening Anyway? is written for those who want to improve their relationships in the workplace, community, and family.

Many people underestimate the value of listening and overestimate their skill as listeners. Effective listening is essential for personal and professional success of individuals and for the success of organizations.

The author describes how emotional dehydration impairs listening, the nature of the listening process, and roadblocks and traps to avoid. He also suggests conditions necessary for listening and provides an original scale and inventories to measure listening skill. Workplace examples make this book especially relevant for leaders, managers, and team members. The illustrator’s imaginative and humorous drawings reinforce the book’s concepts.

John W. Lovitt, Ed. D. is a corporate and personal coach, consultant, and trainer and a writer in San Antonio, Texas. He is also an Adjunct Professor at a university where he teaches courses in organizational development.

Bill Bristow is an artist, illustrator, and a retired professor of art from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

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John Lovitt


A Guide to Effective Listening