Reach to Recovery

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Insightful book that tells of the journey from depression to healing and wholeness.

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Reach to Recovery: Depression Anonymous is a groundbreaking book; the Twelve Steps have been applied to many human problems but rarely to depression. The author applied them to her own depression and no longer suffers from clinical depression. In January 2003 a Depression Anonymous group was organized in Houston, Texas to bring this program to the rapidly-increasing number of people suffering from depression and bipolar disorder. This book is an excellent handbook for such groups. It can also be used as an individual program of recovery.

“Reach to Recovery: Depression Anonymous is a wonderful, insightful, honest book that tells many stories of the journey from depression to healing and wholeness.”

—Betty Totten, RN, MA, LPC, LMFT

“When I was in training as a clinical social worker, I was exposed to the “magic” of the Twelve Step program working in lives of the chemically-dependent people we were treating in a large urban psychiatric hospital. Like Marilyn, I have seen the value of the Twelve Step program for those suffering from debilitating depressive illness. May her much-needed, beautifully-written book be a beacon of hope and guidance for depressives and for those individuals wanting to start a D.A. group in their community.”

—Martha Fontana, LMSW-ACP, Director of Outpatient Services,
West Oaks Hospital

About the Author

Marilyn Patterson, M.A., is a certified counselor and an English teacher. Since 1999, she has been an adjunct professor and tutor at Houston Community College Southwest, Stafford Center; in 2003 she received the Unsung Hero Award from the college. She has been a member of Al-Anon since 1995 and lives in Houston, Texas with her husband; her two married children live nearby.

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