Memories of Maggie

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Well-researched biography of war-zone entertainer Martha Raye (Maggie).

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“I was proud to award Martha Raye her Presidential Medal of Freedom, and your book is a wonderful reminder of her valiant work on behalf of America’s armed forces.”

—President Bill Clinton

“Martha was a real trooper in every respect. Thank you for telling an important story–in fact, recording American History.”

—William Childs Westmoreland, General (Retired)

Raye received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1993, the highest award given to civilians. Raye was best known for her bizarre humor, acting, and jazz singing. Troops knew her as a nurse in war-zone operating rooms and an entertainer at remote firebases, where she comforted severely wounded soldiers in foxholes while under fire. Noonie Fortin writes of the deep appreciation and love thousands of Veterans have for Martha Raye. For more than fifty years, her care for troops as individuals exceeded her role as entertainer.

“…I’d advise you to send for this book right away…”

—Tom Squier Looks at Books, Spring Lake News (NC)

“…a great reading experience.”

—Faye B. McLemore, The Post (NC)

“…positive, upbeat, and told it like it was.”

—Jim Tucker, OCSA, Pentagon

“I highly recommend this book…”

—Major Ron Winkles (Ret. ) Editorial, TN

“It’s like a gift from God.”

—Melodye Condos, Martha Raye’s daughter

“…wonderful biography…very well done”

—Richard Goldsberry, US Dept of State

“…a heartfelt tribute to Raye”

—Marc Leepson, Vietnam Veteran of America News

“Noonie, a wonderful writer, leaves us with memories of the good that was American Vietnam.”

—Chris Noel, Armed Forces Radio, Vietnam 1966-67

“…an inspiring book about a remarkable woman”

—Jim Collins, Editor, NCO Journal

“It’s wonderful and really tells her story.”

—John “Top” Holland, President of AFFA Americans For Freedom Always ( VA)

“This remarkable book…rated fourth among the ten best sellers about military affairs, is classed as a collector’s edition along with such books as Colin Powell’s My American Journey…”

—Silver Valley Voice, Belvina Bertino, Idaho

About the Author

Noonie was co-chair for the Medals for Maggie Committee of Tri-County Council Vietnam Era Veterans in Albany, NY, which spearheaded Veterans’ effort for Martha’s Presidential Medal of Freedom. Fortin’s articles have been published in newspapers, journals, and Veterans publications. A Vietnam Era Veteran, Noonie served over twenty years in the Army Reserves before retiring. In June, 2000, she was awarded the Arts and Media Award by the State of Tennessee Vietnam Veterans. She presently resides in Albany, NY and Florida. She is a full-time speaker on subjects relating to patriotism, women who have served in various capacities in the military. LangMarc also published Potpourri of War. Look at Noonie Fortin’s webpage for information on her other books and presentations.

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Martha Raye: A Legend Spanning Three Wars