Little Things Remembered

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Born in Cuba, the author writes about family values and love of family. She also has this book published in Spanish, available from LangMarc Publishing.

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“People who can find the everyday inspiration, passion, and sweetness in life are very special people and the only thing better is the person who can help other people see, feel and look for these things in their own lives. This is what Maria Luisa has so brilliantly done. Be prepared to have your heart opened and your life deeply touched when you read this book.”

—Kathryn Kvols, author of Redirecting Children’s Behavior and founder of the
International Network for Children and Families

“Maria Luisa Salcines celebrates life. Her moving observations on love, parenting, and cultural identity are insightful, authentic, and heartfelt. A book full of wisdom!”

— Carolina Hospital, editor of the groundbreaking anthologies Los Atrevidos and A Century of Cuban
Writers in Florida
; Professor at Miami-Dade Community College

“This wonderfully written book of stories is about a family’s exile from Cuba and settlement in the Rio Grande Valley. Leaving behind their hard-earned social position and their future, they built another life here, which Ms. Salcines tells us about with candidness and detail. Salcines does a great job. The reader will not be disappointed.”

—Jose Llanes, author of Cuban Americans: Masters of Survival

Maria Luisa Salcines was born in Guantánamo, Cuba and immigrated with her family to the United States in 1963. A mother of three children, she lives in McAllen, Texas with her husband and daughter. Salcines is a certified parent educator for the International Network for Children and Families and the Director of Redirecting Children’s Behavior—Rio Grande Valley. She writes on her website at

This book is also available in Spanish language: Recuerdos de Pequeñas Cosas.

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Maria Luisa Salcines


A Cuban Immigrant's Family Ties