Guide-Lines & God-Lines for Facing Cancer

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Cancer survivor Marvyl Patton shares her insights and strategies to surviving cancer.

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Well-known author Bernie Siegel, M.D. says, “This is the book to read when you think you have exhausted all your resources…you will find answers to life’s most difficult questions. In it lies the help we all need.”

Recommended Reading List, General Board
Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church

“This book is an inspiration to me. In spite of describing numerous life-threatening complications of cancer, it is a joy to read and a meaningful gift to anyone who has cancer or other chronic pain condition. It defines and describes the benefits of self-regulation strategies…such as imagery, in valid and practical ways. Her description of her “last” scuba-diving trip is priceless.

—Karen Olness, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, Family Medicine and International Health,
Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio.

Barbara J. Bowers, M.D., Minneapolis oncologist, says, “This book addresses cancer by showing that there is a brave and bitter struggle to cancer, but that by the use of humor and faith, patients can overcome even some of the most adverse problems. Looking forward to life is one of the most important ingredients in the care of patients with cancer and to help them survive with better quality of life. A very enjoyable book; all cancer patients should have the opportunity to see cancer through Marvyl’s eyes.”

“Marvyl’s account of her cancer is an open window to her soul. It is accurate, insightful and inspiring without being self-absorbed. Marvyl steps outside of herself and makes objective observations….Marvyl’s faith is not rhetoric. It has been tested by fire. Her life is a witness to God’s sufficiency and grace.”

—Thomas B. Anderson, Pastor, Community Covenant Church,
Shawnee, Kansas.

Judi Johnson, Ph.D., author and educator, writes in her Foreword that “Marvyl weaves together the medical facts about her type of cancer, its treatment and side effects, an understanding of its psychological impact and spiritual relevance.”

About the Author

Marvyl Patton, former social worker, educator, and a 27-year cancer survivor, was active in the American Cancer Society, and she received national recognition for her volunteer work. She helped start “I Can Cope” groups, as well as hospice services, especially in Minnesota. She continued her volunteer work in cancer wards in Minneapolis for many years.


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