The Courage to Speak Up

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Katy Byrne writes about how to improve communication in relationships.

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What others are saying:

“In a world with so much isolation and need to communicate, Katy Byrne writes passionately about how important it is that we learn to talk to each other. She is also so also willing to reveal her own deepest fears and wishes that it is fun and fascinating to read her honest journals.”

—Susan Campbell, Ph.D., Author of Getting Real, Truth in Dating, and Saying What’s Real.

“This book gives us a way to make huge and positive changes in our lives. It is a rare and easy-to-understand way to have more fun, feel alive, and find solutions to personal and global problems. If you want a real way to thrive, not just another self-help book, this is it.”

—Marty Friedman, Men in Marriage

“Katy Byrne is a refreshingly authentic, clear, and insightful writer. She offers sound, empowering, and helpful guidance for people wanting to live more fulfilling lives and develop more satisfying relationships.”

—John Amodeo, Ph.D., Author of The Authentic Heart: An Eightfold Path to Midlife Love and Love and Betrayal

“Learning to communicate better is so central to our relationships and vitality. Katy reveals herself openly in her journals and lets us laugh and cry with her. She’s passionate about conversation and getting to know ourselves so that we can better connect with each other in this world. What could be more important?”

—Doug Ross, Author of A Tao of Dialogue and 47 Tips on Being Who You Are

Katy Byrne, MA, MFT has been a licensed psychotherapist for over 25 years. She’s a radio and television personality, a columnist, and an animal rights activist in Sonoma Country, California. Her websites: and

Illustrator Steve Klein is a well-known guitar designer who loves cartooning as well.

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