Parents’ Guide to Creating Wonderful People

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For people who want to do everything possible to give their children a great childhood and strong foundation to build upon.

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Parents’ Guide to Creating Wonderful People is a book written for parents who were fortunate enough to be raised in loving homes and by great parents, as well as for parents who hope to do a better job at parenting than their own parents did. It’s a book for people who take their role as a parent seriously and want to do everything possible to give their children a great childhood and strong foundation to build upon.

This isn’t a book about how to use time-out effectively to get your children to complete their homework. Instead it’s designed to teach you how to use your relationship with your children to help them grow up to be exceptional people.

Creating Wonderful People will be a fabulous gift for the next baby shower you attend or for any friend who is striving to raise happy, well-adjusted children in an age in which there are numerous intrusive outside influences.

This book identifies issues in parenting and is packed full of helpful and practical advice. Dr. Berryman relates her own experiences and, in so doing, builds a relationship with her readers. This Parents’ Guide is easy to read and will be helpful to new and seasoned parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, therapists, and anyone else who is working with youngsters and teens.

Words Dr. Berryman’s reviewers have used to describe this book are: helpful, practical advice, well researched, reader friendly, enjoyable, easy to follow, sensible, applicable, down to earth, balanced, homey examples, wise, clever, credible, interesting, accessible, sound, sensible guidance.

“Topics such as kindness, learning, and emotions are important to all families. Dr. Berryman’s book is an enjoyable read. If you use this information, it will make a difference in your life, the lives of your children, and the life of your family.”

—June Groden, Ph.D., The Groden Network.

Patti DiNardo, Executive Director of Finger Lakes Parent Network, says this “The author presents examples of teachable moments in everyday life that can help foster empathy and kindness in our children.”

“This is a book for parents written by a professional but written in a manner that’s accessible with sound suggestions for helping parents accentuate their children’s strengths as well as help them manage their weaknesses.”

—David Paul Smith, Ph.D., CEO of Integrative Psyche Services.

“This is a parenting guide to help parents inspire happiness in their children so that they may do the same for others. Jennifer Berryman, drawing on her expertise as a clinical psychologist to advise parents on how to treat behavior, understand the impact of good health and much more. ‘Parents’ Guide to Creating Wonderful People’ is an excellent and much recommended advisory for parenting reference collections.'”

—Midwest Book Review, James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief.

Jennifer Berryman, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist who lives in upstate New York with her husband, Mark, and daughters, Rachel and Megan.

Comments from Old School New by Sarah Fader: “This book is readable and gives practical advice as to how to cope with various parenting situations. I like that Dr. Berryman stresses the importance of modeling in the book.”— “Never underestimate the powers of modeling. Children are constantly learning from their parents and watch their every move. You might think your child is just tagging along while you run errands, but he is watching you closely and learning to behave like you.” (p. 108) “Berryman’s book is based on concepts that we instrinsically know, but she highlights them and makes us think about our behavior.”

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