Blue Garter Club

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Church-college classmates of 1956-57 openly share their struggles and how they coped with life’s joys and disappointments.

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FOREWORD “It becomes clear that these fourteen women are extraordinary people…But the most striking lesson is the rocklike place of Christian faith in shaping and sustaining life…They are ‘world changers’ and their stories of grace and service are parables worth telling.”

—Dr. Paul Dovre, President, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN.

“…its sociological overtones are also important. Readers will profit not only from their commentaries on life but also on their living advertisement for the power of relationships.”

—Bookstore Journal review, Christian Booksellers Association.

“The Blue Garter Club is a frank revelation of fourteen women who have shared (and bared) their deepest feelings about the meaning of life. You will laugh, choke back tears, and be inspired by the charity and honesty of each of them as they relate their journeys since college graduation. The book is skillfully written and deals sensitively on delicate issues which continue to bind them together in Christian faith. I was deeply moved by their stories.”

—The Reverend Arland O. Fiske, Author, The Scandinavian Heritage.

“In reading this book together, we had the wonderful experience of sharing life—both its triumphs and its trials—with members of The Blue Garter Club. We laughed, and we cried, as they shared their stories; we felt a bond with them from our own experiences. Others reading this book will gain insight and encouragement to meet the challenges in their own lives.”

—Dr. David and Carolyn Hampton, Waverly, Iowa.

“What a privilege to read The Blue Garter Club! I felt invited to share in the lives of this circle of women. I found myself laughing, crying, and thinking. Not only did I learn more about another era, but I also caught glimpses of myself and others. But most importantly I felt inspired by the presence of God through it all.”

—The Reverend Beth Marie Halvorsen, Austin, Texas.

“After graduation’s ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ comes the real circumstances of life. I laughed and cried, and remembered, as I read the widely varied experiences endured—and enjoyed—by these classmates.

—Bonnie Thompson, Dickinson, North Dakota.

Lee, from Phoenix, deals sensitively with delicate issues as these church college classmates openly share their struggles with
…loss of a child
…raising a mentally-handicapped child
…and the hassles and the joys of varied careers.

You’ll be inspired by their durability, their reliance on values in raising 45 children, their commitment to 500 years of marriage, and to their faith. In the year 2011, these fourteen women who attended Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota in the 1950s continue their Round Robin letters, friendship, and support of one another. Many of these women were together for their 55th College Class Reunion in 2011. The stories are true; the character Alli is fictional as the author uses her to weave together the story. Perfect for your church library or for a gift to self or friend.

The author, Carol Wade Lee, lives today in Phoenix with her husband, Millard Lee.

Click here to read the Foreword written by Paul Dovre, Ph.D. (President of Concordia College)

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Carol Wade Lee


Ties That Bind Fourteen Christian Women for Forty Years