Ballad of Sara Doom

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Thought-provoking allegories and discussions for teens. Ideal for youth workers. Fully illustrated and fun to discuss.

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“Michael Harrington breaks new ground in his attempt to engage young people in a dialogue about the world they live in and especially the values at issue in that world. In a new and daring way, Harrington has adapted the allegorical, symbolic narrative long used in Christian literature. Sara Doom is a modern-day young pilgrim making her hesitant progress across our continent. I encourage those working with youth to examine this provocative experiment in speaking with the young.”

—Michael Warren, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Theology,
St. John’s University, Jamaica, NY

“Using images and language that speak to today’s young people and to their parents, Harrington offers both generations a tool to open communications. Sara Doom discovers her ethic is not ‘out there’ among the many images and zones, but it is within.”

—Deborah Knapp Bonilla, KENS TV News Anchor/Reporter, San Antonio

“…he strikes poignantly at the heart, is set whimisically in the realm of reality and yet is prophetically profound, is on the edge and yet at the very core of the Gospel. The voice is worth reading and heeding!”

—Rev. Ann E. Helmke, Director, Peace Talks, San Antonio

“…a grab bag of thought-provoking stories, split-second challenges, glimpses of the sacred, and just plain fun. I recommend it for adolescents and adults alike. A timely long overdue book for everyone interested in the creation of meaningful bridges between generations.”

—Dr. Denise Doyle, Professor, Incarnate Word College, San Antonio

Joe Patrick Bean, Former San Antonio Express-News Columnist: “Sara Doom’s search for her lost ethic is a dizzying eye-opening journey across a culture that seems to have misplaced its children along with its ethic…a clarion call for our society–especially our churches–to hear the lamentations of our lost children.”

“…breaks new ground in his attempt to engage young people in a dialogue…the values at issue…has adapted the allegorical, symbolic narrative long used in Christian literature…those working with youth should examine this provocative book.”

—Dr. Michael Warren, author, theology professor, St. John’s University (NYC)

About the Author-Illustrator

A pastor, teacher, gang specialist, cartoonist, and musician, Harrington brings a visual experience in his thought-provoking allegories pertaining to today’s youth.

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Michael O. Harrington


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