Angel on Trial

Angel on Trial
By Mary Ann Kerl
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264 pagesISBN 978-1-880292-51-8
Humorous religious totally fiction.

Angela Four has failed 249 Earther Missions. But this one just might allow her to graduate from Angel University. You’ll learn new tidbits about archangels: why Raphael wears suits designed by Italians with only one name, why Gabriel blows a trombone now and keeps crashing his BMW…why Michael wears polyester robes.

“I prescribe Angel on Trial for the spiritually overweight who need to lighten up.”

—Thomas Aquinas, Doctor posthumous

“Pure frivolity–with a purpose,” Metro Lutheran (Minneapolis) headlined its review. “The authors want to make you think as you laugh.”

“This profound trifle honors those timeless spiritual principles of sola Inna Chile, sola Authenticity, and sola Mio–while here I stand.”

—Martin Luther, Doctor germanicus