Why Buy From Langmarc?

  1. We are a small family-owned business, so your order gets personal attention.
  2. All our books could have a “G-rating,” so that you can enjoy them with your family and be proud to have them on the shelves of your church, school, or home library.
  3. We know our books and our authors. We’ve each worked on every Langmarc book with our authors who represent different denominations and areas of the country.
  4. Shipping charges are nearly at-cost.
  5. No spam.
  6. We keep customer information to ourselves.
  7. Our products are stocked in-house, so your order is filled quickly.
  8. We have gone through great lengths ensure that our website is secure. Your credit card information is processed and discarded immediately. Our server is private (not shared with hundreds of other sites on a cheap McDonald’s-of-hosting GoDaddy plan), monitored 24/7, locked down and firewall-protected.
  9. We choose only high-quality manuscripts that we can enthusiastically produce and endorse, so you are buying from people who are proud of their products.
  10. We’ve kept our operating overhead low and have no shareholders to please, which enables us to continue focusing on what we’ve been doing for well over two decades: making great books, so you can feel good about choosing someone who is sincerely grateful for your business.