The Dragon Who Burned All His Friends

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This allegory by Sheila Hatcher helps adults and children understand sources of anger and gives keys for controlling our angry outbursts.

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“This book was written with an adult audience in mind; however, because it is written as a fairytale some therapists are reading it to children who are enjoying and learning from it. As therapists know, metaphor is a wonderful teaching tool….The use of metaphors and allegories gently reduces resistance and allow the person to get the message directly. The lay reader will subliminally learn the underlying feeling that anger so powerfully masks, tools to manage the behaviors, and ways to deal with the feelings.”

—Paula Van Doren, LCSW, Redondo Beach, CA
Review quotes from “Clinical Update,” CA Society for Clinical Social Work, Feb. 2013

“This is a magical and inspiring metaphor through which adult readers will identify anger issues and discover practical methods to energize enduring change.”

—Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D., The Milton Erickson Foundation.

Sheila Hatcher, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and a Certified Anger Management Facilitator, has been working with anger management for over a decade. She has worked with court-mandated violent offenders and people who simply want to learn different ways to express difficult emotions. Keys for unlocking and disposing of hurtful memories are included.

Join Ashton Mondragon as he meets Frank the fireman and decides to begin flame- control training after another disastrous day with his family and friends. As Ashton learns about his flame and the importance of thoughtfulness in relationships, adult readers will learn anger management techniques and ways of self-reflection that can lead to lasting change.

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Sheila Hatcher, M.A., MFT


Cooling Flames of Anger Through Self-Discovery