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For ordinary families settled into superficial modes of communication.

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This book is for ordinary families settled into superficial modes of communication, often moving towards disconnection, presenting with warmth, wisdom, and wit an inspiring challenge for authenticity and intimacy to deepen and sustain closer and more satisfying relationships.
“Like word pictures, clear, concise, personal, but intellectual in tone. Bursting with one great idea, created and carried out to fruition. A gift to the reader of both inspiration and freedom of interpretation. I like that!”

—Barbara Lee, High School English Teacher 25 years (Ret.)

“A great model for families looking to keep their strong ties—a wonderful way to establish vulnerability and depth. Pioneered by Pat and her family, others can refine, mold, and use it to fit their own family system. Crisp, compelling, good use of word play, solid and well written—a page turner. It is almost a road map—not always easy, but well worth the drive.”

—Sally Heinze-Barthel, Chaplain, St. David’s Medical Center, Austin, TX

“Sparked some great ideas of how we can take our own sharing to the next level. A must read for those of us who truly want to get back to the very nature of what the true meaning of family and sharing is all about.”

—Lisa Whaley: President, Life Work Synergy LLC,
Author of Reclaiming My Soul from the Lost and Found
and Prisoners of Technology

For more information, visit Pat Barber’s website dedicated to this book.

About the Author

Pat and Will BarberWill and Patricia Barber have lived in Austin, Texas, for 48 years. They now spend part of every year in the rugged Rocky Mountains of Gunnison County, Colorado in their family retreat where they maintain a memorial garden for their beloved stillborn grandson Baby William. Recently Pat began a business called “Pat’s Hats.”

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Patricia Barber


A Practice for Family Connection