On the Wings of the Wind

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A profoundly biblical easy-to-read love story of entering each new phase of life guided by the Holy Spirit

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In the crippling agony of grief, disappointment, loneliness, sickness, and broken relationships, healing is available through the power of the Holy Spirit. Skillfully woven throughout these pages is a spiritual road map that will aid readers who seek intimacy with God and a compass for their life’s journey. Share in the extraordinary leap of faith of a newly-wed grandmother who, on short notice, had become an army chaplain’s wife and now embarked with her new husband on his final military assignment abroad a week after they were married.

On the Wings of the Wind is a profoundly biblical easy-to-read story of entering each new phase of life guided by the Holy Spirit. This is a love story: a story of longtime love of spouse and family, the heartbreak of loss, and a new love that binds two people together as they embrace each day with enthusiasm, a sense of mission, and, foremost and center, with the all-encompassing presence of the living God.

Rating: 4 (Highly recommended)
“This is the story of Patricia Eytcheson Taylor’s life. It tells of her love for her husband John and how their lives changed each time they moved to another spot in the country. The Holy Spirit was always with them. But when tragedy struck and John was killed, it was almost impossible for Patricia to go on. She wallowed in grief and self-pity. Somewhere in her grief, she had lost her closeness to God, which she desperately needed back. As her heart began to open to God, a new joy came into her life. He was an Army Chaplain named James Taylor. They were married and shortly after they were sent on his last military assignment to the other side of the world. It is a book many people can relate to about lost love and new love found. It is a story for all on the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.”

Libraries Alive, National Church Library Association

The Midwest Book Review (Highly recommended)
“While sometimes horrible things come out of nowhere, greatness can as well. On the Wings of the Wind: A Journey to Faith tells of a grandmother who finds herself married once more to a military chaplain, who follows him abroad. Encouraging readers to embrace God and appreciate the joy that goes into their lives, it’s an intriguing and inspiring book. Patricia’s journey will prove moving to many readers, making On the Wings of the Wind high recommended to Christian readers everywhere.”

Library Bookwatch, October 2008

About the Authors

Patricia and James Taylor live in San Antonio, Texas. Since retirement from the Lutheran Army Chaplaincy Corps, James has served as interim pastor in several congregations. Pat shares in this ministry through her gifts of compassion, visitation, and speaking.

For more information go to their website onthewingsofthewind.com. Their E-book is available there.

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Patricia and John Taylor


A Journey to Faith