E-books Available

Several titles are available in e-book formats for Kindle, Nook, and Apple.

Tanya Brown as Inspirational Writer and Speaker

Take advantage of our library specials on Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: My Escape from Depression and Suicide by Tanya Brown with William Croyle. Tanya is an excellent speaker on subjects of depression, spousal abuse, and mental health. She has had numerous interviews on national media, and she conducts workshops on mental health. Check her website: tanyabrown.net.

Missy Jenkins Smith

View Missy’s speaking schedule of her website missyjenkinssmith.com.

Missy spoke in Washington, DC to the Be SMART campaign, a grassroots effort to promote gun safety among our children. Later she met Erin Gruwell, the teacher portrayed in the movie FREEDOM WRITERS. She invited Missy to speak to her audience that day.

Missy was featured along with other brave women in a 2016 issue of Glamour. Here is a preview.

Take advantage of special pricing on her book I Choose to be Happy.